Our bots have AI built-in, run on most computing devices, and require fewer interventions when performing tasks.


Our bots are more robust; they learn using data from multiple sources and maintain privacy between the sources.


Our bots are specifically designed to mitigate the forms of biases that have been problematic in other AI products.


Universal operation

Our bots run on most devices with a CPU. Our bots are highly configurable and any data transfer needed occurs securely.


Training data from many sources

Our AI models can be trained with data from many sources without violating privacy concerns. This creates a more robust model, resulting in better performance.


Explainable AI

Aixora provides several metrics and API features to begin to explain results returned by models. Complete explainability is currently not possible, but we continue to employ techniques to help stakeholders understand their models.


Fewer interventions

Your end-users and IT team will deal with fewer interventions. By using better AI, Aixora minimizes unintended interventions and bot restarts.


Non-biased AI

Our bots are designed to overcome the multiple biases that have been problematic in AI. Ethical software deployment processes, quantifiably fair training data, and data privacy are central to Aixora.


Reliable operation

Our bots are designed to "set it and forget it." We deploy our bots using a scalable, fault-tolerant cloud infrastructure with the option of continuous performance reporting.

About Us


Building the world's greatest
AI automation company

Our Mantra: Do it right.

Aixora.ai uses artificial intelligence to automate, improve, and measure business processes. We use a SaaS model with our hyperautomation platform to deliver solutions.

Aixora.ai was founded in 2020. We are shaped by several key events in the world at that time:

  • The misuse and weaponization of AI caused by a failure to prioritize ethics and systemic lack of input from people of color
  • The civil unrest following a string of murders of people of African descent at the hands of the police and vigilantes
  • The COVID-19 global pandemic

We believe that AI can and must do better.

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Aixora People

Our founder

Larry Davis, Ph.D.

Larry Davis is a fourth-generation entrepreneur who started working in AI-adjacent areas before it was cool. Dr. Davis received his Bachelor's degree from Florida A&M University and his Master's and Doctoral degrees from the University of Central Florida, all in Electrical Engineering. Aixora.ai is the sixth technology company he founded.

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